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Anne and  Chels

Motorhome adventure

So the plan is that there is no plan (where have I heard that before)
Chels got this idea that it might be a good idea for them to buy a motorhome and travel around a bit. However being a sensible type of chap he thought that it might be a good idea to hire one before wasting any time in looking into buying one. But we could just pop down to Düsseldorf and visit the exhibition that was going to take place at the end of August. What a horror show that turned out to be. It was massive and we suffered from information overload and a shock as to how much money people were prepared to pay (and wanted) for a mobile place to live. Anyway we left the show loaded down with catalogues, totally worn out from walking around all day, and dismayed as to what a massive cost having a motorhome would be. So we moved onto the next stage of hiring a vehicle to see if we could manage to get on with each other in such a small environment (about 12 qm) for a couple of weeks. Oh and not forgetting we would share that space with two little bundles of sunshine that don't smell too good when they're wet. On to our preparation, our start